The Growing Popularity of Cremation and Burial Urns Worldwide

Culture to Craft

A burial urn is a vessel used to hold the cremated remains of an individual. It comes in various shapes and sizes and serves as a memorial. Everyone follows customs and traditions passed down from their ancestors. Cremation is practiced by Hindus and Buddhists, while other mainstream religions have different rituals. Around the world, people are shifting from traditional burial to cremation, leading to a significant increase in the global demand for burial urns. In response, Viransh International, established in 2021, has become a top supplier worldwide, offering traditional burial urns with aesthetically appealing designs made from premium quality metal.


Breaking conventional norms, cremation has gained acceptance worldwide, making burial urns more popular. People are no longer restricted to keeping their loved ones’ remains at burial sites. Instead, they use urns to store ashes and cherish their memories forever, either scattering them according to the individual’s wishes or, in some religions, as required by tradition.


Beyond religious considerations, cremation is an integral part of human life and personal choice. Numerous reasons lead people to choose cremation over traditional burial. Some view cremation as less traumatic for those struggling to come to terms with the death of a loved one. With the growing world population, environmental concerns have also increased, such as overcrowding in cemeteries and the potential for burial fluids to leak into the soil, causing harm. Using urns offers the freedom of mobility, allowing people to carry the remains wherever they wish and relocate them as needed.


Given the significance of burial urns, it is essential to choose the best material. Urns come in various materials, but metal burial urns are most recommended and have been used for centuries. Metal urns are considered traditional and are the most commonly used. Viransh International offers a collection of spectacular metal urns, including high-quality flower-printed cremation urns.

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