The Expanding Global Reach of Metal Handicrafts from India

Culture to Craft

Handicrafts are expressions of a country’s culture and tradition through various art forms. These art forms are inspired by the surroundings and mystical rituals of the people living in a country, using local materials. India is a country rich in culture, history, and traditions. Indian handicrafts hold a unique place in the world, with metal handicrafts playing a crucial role in the industry, both in terms of employment and export potential. The large market potential in Indian cities and abroad makes metal handicrafts a significant source of income for rural communities. Metal handicrafts contribute to around one-third of the total value of handicraft exports. Over the past five years, a fourfold increase in the value of metal handicraft exports from India has been observed.


‘Viransh International’ capitalizes on the ‘Trade India’ country channel, one of India’s largest and oldest B2B e-commerce platforms that connect buyers and suppliers. This platform helps create a customer-driven value chain for all businesses, including SMEs, large enterprises, and individuals. The company’s increased global coverage is enabled by its online presence and the quantum of services it provides for orders received through web inquiries.


Through globalization, ‘Viransh International’ offers a holistic platform for local communities, helping their metal handicrafts gain international recognition. As a traditional craft, metalwork has a well-established market worldwide, providing vast employment opportunities. In India, Moradabad, also known as the “Brass City,” accounts for 40% of the total metal craft exports. Nowadays, Moradabad artisans and craftsmen also produce items using metals such as copper, zinc, and asthadhatu (a combination of eight metals), which has expanded their export territory to countries like Canada, the Middle East, and Australia.


The growing global reach of Indian metal handicrafts has not only increased economic opportunities for local artisans but has also helped preserve the rich cultural heritage of India. As technology continues to advance and international trade expands, there is immense potential for Indian metal handicrafts to flourish, connecting cultures and showcasing India’s remarkable artistry to the world.

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