Copper is in our Culture

Culture to Craft

Traditional Indian handicrafts have stood the test of time and are still considered one of the most complex art forms in world history. At ‘Viransh International’, thousands of local artists work hard day and night to create exquisite crafts. These crafts look elegant and are preferred by people to decorate their homes and make great gift choices for loved ones. Whether it’s a perfect housewarming gift or a cool addition to your ceremony shelf, we have the most amazing decorative vases for your decoration. Add elegance to your water bottles and countertops with our unique handcrafted water storage collection.

Copper Bottles:

Copper bottles are the latest trend, but not new to India. Storing water in copper containers has long been a practice in Indian households. Gain insight into the latest health trends and tell why you should invest in copper bottles and the role of this important metal/trace element plays in our everyday health. Copper container stored water is a treasure trove of medicinal properties that can play an important role in maintaining overall health. Our copper bottles are made for drinking water because of their functional design and quality workmanship. Our products are a selection of sustainable materials. Traditional crafts where each piece is a work of art. Functional products that are healthy for you and Mother Earth. 


Bringing home a metal vase can be a great addition to your space. Made of high-quality metal, these vases are built to last. Metal vases come in a variety of striking textures, antique colors, finishes, and patterns. Fashionable metal vases can add a touch of style to any home, whether rustic or modern. The tasteful colour palette of metal vases goes well with all types of interiors and is the perfect spotlight. stand out inside. gain. These beautiful vases will bring a vintage touch to your room.


Burial Urns

Remembering the departed sole and storing its memory is eternal and cannot be substituted with anything else. But for storing the ashes of your deceased loved one in a beautifully crafted and elegantly designed urn. The varied variety of designs gives the option to choose, color and design matching with the cherished memories of the sole resting in peace.

Viransh international not offering only a wide range of quality metal items from bottles, vases, and household items but also gives options to customize these items as per your choice. Viransh International is also compliant with all export-related rules and guidelines. Viransh International keep serving clients in the middle east and Europe since the opening of post covid international market.

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